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I think it’s time…

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I’ve been very quiet on social media for the past couple of months. I’ve had to in order to stay focused on my goals and keep a good balance in my life. I’ve taken the time to observe myself and others and realize that there’s some serious healing that needs to happen in the world and it starts within ourselves. I want to get back into blogging/writing the way I did before leaving NYC and I think it’s time.

There is A LOT of negativity in people and we tend to try to shift the blame as if its the next person’s fault for why we feel the way we feel. I’m here to tell you, I’ve been through a hell of a lot in the past couple of years and the only one responsible for my happiness is ME. I’ve heard people say this before… it seems almost cliche to bring it up as if its some new discovery, but I think its a necessary thing to talk about because we all have this thing called an “ego” that likes to line up with the adversary/devil/the enemy, etc., and we don’t realize that the destruction begins in our own minds before they outwardly effect anyone else.


“We create our own realities.”

 The sooner we understand this truth, the easier it is for us to take accountability for the energy that we put into the world. We not only have to take accountability, but we also have to protect ourselves from other people’e energy as well. 

I’ve been incorporating meditation into my daily routine and it helps me so much, especially when I feel like I’m low on patience at the end of the day, with my two children…. or when I feel anxiety trying to rear its ugly head. That’s another thing… there are a lot of people suffering from anxiety and overthinking, and most of us have written it off as if it isn’t a mental health issue… ESPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE THE ONES SUFFERING!

I use this app called Headspace to help keep me aligned. It works so well for me. Thanks again @laurenlindo for recommending it. Even Sebastian asks to meditate with me before he goes to bed at night. There is a section for meditations for children. I love it. By the way, its guided meditation, in case you feel clueless to how to do it. I think I’ve gotten a lot of value out of learning how to control my breathing properly, especially to get myself back into a calm and happy place when my thoughts start to race. I know this happens to everyone. The first month is free. please try it out. This is what their logo looks like, in case you want to download it.

tash leake

I think this is the only app I pay for and $12.99 is well worth it for my own mental health. It beats the cost of a therapist lol, but I recommend them too! If anyone downloads it, please let me know. I would love to know more about your journey. We’re all here to help each other and I’m always open to learn more about my journey through other people’s experiences.

Here’s an example video from Headspace:

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