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What I do when I’m overthinking and have anxiety

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Have you ever been chillin… in a GREAT MOOD (or even just content)… minding your own business and you get a phone call or someone/something “disturbs your peace” and messes up your zen energy? So here I am, knocked off of my peace pedestal, and naturally, I want to blame whoever interfered. I know better. The only person in charge of my happiness is me. When your thoughts are all over the place, its easy to take the momentum and be in an undesired mood… or a funk. We can stop this.

I would say I festered in my anxiety for about 3 hours before realizing that I need to face what’s actually bothering me, instead of resisting it…. and then decide to do something about it.

As I wrote about in my last post, I tend to ask myself, “what are you grateful for and what is going right today?”. This is especially my dialogue when I’m aware of my current anxious state. So this is what I did and I plan to tweak these steps to maybe do them in a different order.

  1. Asked myself: What are you grateful for and what is going right?
    •  I easily made a list of 10 things and realized that something is still bothering me in my stomach.
  2. Asked myself: What are you resisting?
    • I surprisingly wrote out another 10 things, targeting anything that was clearly bothering me and anything that I may have put off that was giving me an uncomfortable feeling as well. I was very honest with myself too.
  3. I put on an affirmations video on youtube and wrote a list of 20 things I wanted to affirm while I was hearing them.
    • It was at this point that I felt guilty for not asking God to help me get my peace back.
  4. I opened my bible app and found a devotional plan that I saved and planned to read through the entire 4-day plan all at once.
    • This has helped in the past, but after getting through the first one, and trying to start the second, I heard God say to me, share your experience so that you can help others who can relate.
  5. I decided to go to my blog and be very honest with myself and what I’m experiencing from a human level. 

I want to use the wisdom that I prayed so much for to maybe shine a light on this. So many people are suffering from anxiety, including myself. Mine is triggered from overthinking certain situations that I may have wanted to have more control over. Or maybe if I feel disrespected, and overthinking the energy that someone is projecting towards me.

As I stated earlier, its very easy to blame whoever may have interfered with your peace because it seems like the most obvious conclusion to come to. I’m guilty of it. I did it for years, and tend to still do it from time to time. We’re human so let’s try not to be hard on ourselves. I do know through logical thinking and self awareness, that when I feel bad, its a result of bad thinking. When I feel stressed, its a result of stressful thoughts….. and likewise, when I feel happy and elated, its also a result of the thoughts circulating in my mind.

The only thing in this world that we can control is our own mind. 

I have to remind myself of this when I get derailed and that’s why I went through the steps earlier to change my momentum. I think it worked and I’m glad I listened to my intuition and started writing because this has all been very therapeutic. So now that I feel a bit more clear, here is some go-to advice that I wish I already knew, but did not think of because my thoughts snowballed too fast and I couldn’t stop them.

  • This too shall pass. Pray about your ideal situation as if you already have it. Jesus said:

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

This is so powerful and supports the idea that “we create our own realities”.

  • If you can catch yourself in the beginning of these toxic thoughts, try to immediately put your mind in a happy place. For example, think of a joke or something funny that happened recently… something you remember CRACKIN UP at. Think about it long enough to at least smile… and milk it. Think about someone who loves you and the way they express it to you. Love thoughts are an awesome go-to space
  • If its too late, and that doesn’t work, embrace the feeling you’re going through. That’s why I asked myself “What are you resisting?” — Taking the opportunity and the courage to actually face what is putting your stomach into knots is actually more healthy than not. I actually think that’s what causes the discomfort and anxiety in our minds. We tend to want to distract ourselves from feeling any kind of pain or discomfort. We may be afraid to face things, thinking that it may hurt more, but its counterproductive when it comes to healing.

Actually, that brings me to video that I listened to earlier this week. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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